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What's so cool about Haskell anyway?

All of a sudden Haskell is (at last) gaining some public attention and real-world applications are being written in Haskell, such as Darcs (version-control done right), Pugs (a Perl 6 Interpreter).

I'm just starting to learn Haskell and am far away from having seen it all - but I'm already impressed by Haskells expessiveness, the clear and concise syntax and the exceptionally great typesystem. Monads look awkward at first glance but give the programmer the ability to describe computations from high-level perspective encapsulating the gory details in a nice abstraction.

While I am still learning I'd like to share small demonstrations of Haskells coolness with you. The first example will be a simple command line calculator in just 80 lines of code.


platform independent:
calcast.hs (view source)